“I can‘t say enough wonderful things
about Advanced Pet Care Clinic“


Anna Yates
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of Advanced Pet Care Clinic for their wonderful care and compassion on our recent visit.

Sadly, we were there to have our daughter's old dog put down which was a very hard decision for all of us but from our arrival at the clinic, all the staff were extremely sensitive to the situation and the vet, Dr. Paulina Altrych, explained the whole procedure to us and sat with us and poor Max on the floor of the surgery until he had drifted peacefully off to sleep.

The atmosphere in the clinic is friendly and helpful, the prices are affordable and I will have no hesitation to recommend APCC to my family and friends for all their pet needs.
Susan Castle
I would like to thank Doctor Paulina for taking such a good care of Rocky when we came in to see you last week. Rocky had been quite miserable since he spent too long sitting in my vegetable patch one evening and got attacked by sandflies. Although the bites had gone down he was still always itchy and had managed to chew a bald bit in his tail. Dr. Paulina spent a long time examining him and gave me a number of different options for treating him. She was extremely kind and patient despite Rocky's determination to make as much noise as possible and be a total pest. The solution she suggested are working already and he is feeling much better, not scratching nearly as much and his bald bit is filling in already.

Rocky also sends his thanks and hopes he won't be back visiting for a while since the last time he went to a vet he came back with parts missing!

Best regards
Sherina Hosein Mohammed
I was really impressed by the care and dedication that Doctor Paulina paid to our rabbit who collapsed from apparent dehydration over the summer. Doctor Paulina immediately sent our rabbit into ICU and stayed with the rabbit hydrating him, petting him well into hours beyond her shift time. She called us every hour and unfortunately in one of her calls she had to tell us that the rabbit did not survive. The only thing that eased our loss was the care we felt that she showed to our rabbit and for that we were eternally grateful.
Travis Bruce
I can't say enough wonderful things about Advanced Pet Care Clinic. Not only do you notice, right away, the love they have for the animals in their care but you see the love the animals have for them. Now that is something special!

From the moment you walk into their clinic you will know you've found someplace special for your special pet. My two cats miss them so much every once in a while they jump back into their carrier and look up at me with eyes that say, " Can we please go to Advanced Pet Care Clinic today?" Now that is something special.

Thank you Dominika and Advanced Pet Care Clinic for all the love...

Warm Regards